SpeQ 3.3

Powerful but easy to use mathematical calculator


  • Very easy to use for non maths whizzes
  • Very light on resources


  • Results can only be exported to BMP format

Very good

I'm no mathematical genius but SpeQ is a rare example of a mathematical calculator that's easy enough for even dunces to calculate complex calculations.

SpeQ is an extremely small but powerful mathematical calculator with an intuitive interface, that makes it clear how to perform just about any calculation. It allows you to add, edit and execute calculations in a few seconds and supports all the common functions you require in a calculator.

Although SpeQ is aimed at those studying maths at an advanced level, anyone that's studying the subject will find something of use in it. If you want to take it with you to school or university, you can also run it directly from a USB stick which gets around those annoying download and install restrictions in most educational institutions. SpeQ is particularly useful for engineers or simply those looking for a slightly more powerful version of Windows calculator.

Quick, simple and packed with functions, if I'd had SpeQ at school, I'd probably have worked out the meaning of life.

SpeQ supports the following formats


User reviews about SpeQ

  • by Anonymous

    SpeQ is the best of its kind!.
    I've studied the market a lot trying to find a nice calculator for usual purposes...   More